”Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go”

T. S Eliot

On the basis of T.S Eliot’s words, CIS team promises to create an engaging environment that nurtures a lifelong love of learning in our students. We will positively inspire them to be ambitious and to explore our core values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Patience, Responsibility and love of learning as they grow into mature responsible World-class citizens.

  • Respect

CIS faculty will actively work to raise awareness and respect for both self and others by providing a platform whereby students will be given opportunities on daily basis to develop self-esteem and self -confidence.

  • Integrity

Our aim is to encourage our students to be honest, open and truthful in their dealings with the staff, parents and their peers.

  • Commitment

At CIS, we seek to establish a strong work ethic in our students and a desire to settle for nothing else but excellence. Therefore, we promise to stir up a resilient and perseverant attitude within our students in a bid to confidently overcome difficulties.

  •  Patience

Coupled with discipline and a strong work ethic, patience is a must-have quality as crucial as any other aforementioned qualities that students need to clothe themselves with as they go out in the real-world. Our trained faculty is encouraged to purposefully custom-tailor activities that are challenging enough for students to develop patience in their endeavors.

  • Responsibility

As a school, we envision to train students to take responsibility for their learning and behavior. We also expect them to develop a sense of responsibility by making informed decisions and by learning to consider the consequences of their actions through leadership opportunities.

  • Love of learning:

To foster long-lasting love of learning, we are committed to create a safe, engaging and supportive learning environment by encouraging them to take up new challenges and calculated risks and to improve from feedback. We are determined to nurture curiosity through engaging, enquiry-based and student-centered approach. Our prime goal is to provide them with a peaceful and welcoming platform as they strive to demonstrate creativity and innovation in their approach to solving problems.

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